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    Hi, all
    I’m totally confused. Pico forced the installation of the new “Pico Connect” in Pico4 HMD, which replaces the old and well-functioning “Pico Streaming Assistant”. It is not possible to install both applications at once in the HMD and that is a problem. Sadge(

    What should the user do to make VorpX automatically run with the new version of “Pico Connect”, to make games the vertical and horizontal curvature of the screen work, and to aim using the player’s arms and not just the thumb-stick triggers like is in other low quality barrel-aged apps?

    This is worked old “Pico Streaming Assistant” download link

    This is worked “vorpX Desktop” 24.1.0 download link for all HMD’s

    This is new “Pico Connect” download link

    This is new SteamVR for “Pico Connect” download link (not working connect with VorpX Desktop)

    What We doing wrong? Any correct help Ralf?


    Try launching some games from steam from your PC, after you’ve done all the following.
    There is some way to male steam menu to appear, bur IDK what button config- I’ve been mashing them randomly and it appears, lol.
    Have not idea how to launch non-steam game though.


    Well…, the game doesn’t run in VorpX with Pico Connect, I don’t know how to run the 4:3 format so that I can turn my head 360 around… I have two licenses and VorpX with Pico Connect stopped working on both of them, I have to wait for “Valve Index II”, I have no choice Sadge (

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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