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    Yes, I know there is a Pinball FX 2 VR, but I also heard Vorpx (which I have) used to support Pinball FX 2 and that rjkole had a specific profile for it. Is that no longer the case? I can’t find it on the cloud and I don’t know where to download it. Is it even possible to make vorpx work with Pinball FX2 at all now? I’m not following the recent changes of why certain profiles seems to have dissapeared…


    Hi. I am looking for the Vorpx profile for pinball fx2 too. If anyone has it and it works in 3d please let us know. In the meantime the only working solution I can find for Pinball Fx2 in 3d is:
    1. Use tridef 3d – output as side by side.
    2. Search for tridef profile for pinball fx2 by Jcat
    3. I run pinball fx 2 at 4k so that side by side looks good.
    4. Run steam vr, and virtual desktop streaming on pc.
    5. On quest 2 run virtual desktop app and then run program from within tridef 3d once desktop shows on quest 2. In the environment eg void in virtual desktop on quest 2 you can change size etc and also at bottom of screen switch to side by side so the game runs in 3d.
    6. When in game with tridef running, press Num 0 which brings up 3d menu – here you can change depth etc – it looks really good once you change the settings to suit.
    Good luck.


    The forum search would have lead you to this

    Pinball FX2

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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