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    I know there’s a small VR version for FX2 pinball, but what about FX3 and the newly released Williams pinball tables. Would it be possible to release a VorpX profile for that game? To stand in front of a “real” pinball machine is an awesome feeling. There’s a thread on steam ( ) where people beg for a VR DLC but nothing happens. I guess the developers are not interested in that. So the last hope would be VorpX. Let’s see and pray…


    Great idea, can’t believe I never thought of that. I have 25 or so real machines, plus many virtual pincabs so you could say I’m addicted to pinball. I run VPX in VR, which is awesome and everyone who like pinball should try it out. Will try FX3 later today. Thanks for the idea, hope it works

    check out my vid of what I call “pinStubby”



    I have the Data East version of Star Wars in my games room under a pile of clothes… unfortunately the board doesn’t work correctly anymore.

    2060 RTX Super
    3900X Ryzen
    Can run pretty much anything.


    I’m also a big pinball addict ;-). I own 8 real machines and also built the front of a real pinball machine to play with visual pinball, but never tried the VR version because I thought it’s still in a very early “beta”. I’m not the guy which likes to fiddle around with 100 parameters till a game runs well (no idea if that’s needed with visual Pinball VR). To many other hobbies :P.
    But native VorpX support for FX3 would be awesome.

    : What a game room you have :O. Awesome!


    @slydog43 Did you test vorpx with pinball fx3? I’d be interested to buy vorpx in case it works.


    Ive spent quite a few hours with FX3 trying to put it in 3D, no success so far. FX2 works great with vorpx though (see cloud)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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