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    Hey everyone,

    Sekiro has a 1st person mod that works quite well. I wouldnt recommend it for your first playthru, but great for NG+ or second playthrus in general.

    Here is the mod along with a small video from the mod for you to know what it is going to look like.

    The mod, unfortunately, only works with 1.04 of the game, so we need to “Downpatch it”. My recommendation, once you successfully downpatch it, is to make multiple copies of the game on a thumbdrive, or a spare hard drive, in case you ever have a crash, because downpatching it through Steam does take some time; you are not getting the same speed of downloads as you get from normal steam.

    Here is how Speedrunners downpatch their games. One added thing, though. Make sure to also follow these steps, at the end, if the game is not launching for you

    Add ‘pack.dat’ and add it to the game’s folder.

    after the download is complete you will do 3 things – download the 1.04 executable in the instructions, download steamapi.dll if it wasnt included in your download – AND – this is what I messed up on, make sure to create the .txt document they want, these instructions here:
    “2) Create a new text document in this folder titled “steam_appid” and in that document copy only the number “814380”. If you have file name extensions showing, the name of document will be
    “steam_appid.txt”, if you don’t you’ll only see “steam_appid”.”

    If the game is successfully downpatched to 1.04, when you get to the launch screen and press Start, before entering the game, it will tell you what version youre on the bottom right corner.

    Here are the speedrunners full instructions on downpatching

    Then, launch the game with the Vorpx profile and youll have yourself in Sekiro first Person, with 3d.


    Also, Do Not Launch the Game from the Steam Menu!

    I go into Offline Mode (So theres no chance of any patches applying) and launch it directly from the directory your new Sekiro.exe is in, for the 1.04 version.

    Launching it in Steam will launch the updated version of the game

    Any questions you have, Ill try to help

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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