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    With remotes vive controlers , I can almost do everything except, use my rifle scopes or binacular, in my game. normally I use a mouse wheel to do this, but it seems that I can not cumulate a right trigger action with a left button of the remotes
    (Ex: RMB to look in the binocular, and mouse wheel to adjust the zoom in (x2/x4/x8)

    Do you see how to allow that ?


    I tried with another mode from the menu :
    “Vive hand Controler Settings”,
    – Controller Mode, set to “GamePad”
    But then, no buttons respond except the EdgePeek.
    the game does not see the Vive Controller at all as a “GamePad”, only Vorpx sees it.

    Other Adjustment Issues
    How to use “Crouch / Jump” feature?
    If enabled, the headset must start the command to lie down or raise up if it detects that the height has change no?
    I tested with the default values, and trying other but it does not react. even having put the right Keys


    Ralf, no news ?


    You can map the mouse wheel to trackpad clicks. If I’m not mistaken that should actually be the default mapping for the shift mapping of the right track pad on Vive wands in most games.


    I did this by re-mapping on the other controller. we lose shortcuts but not too much choice.

    And for the jump / crouch ? an idea why this does not work?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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