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    Just wondering for those of you who play any MMORPG’s in 3D with Vorpx, don’t you find it really hard to control your character skills efficiently when you can’t see the keyboard? Seems to me like it would wind up being a major hassle unless you had an MMO mouse. I haven’t tried any MMO’s yet but I’m about to check out WOW, luckily I have a Razer Naga Trinity so I can customize the buttons as well as use a totally different programmable button layout for MMO’s, MOBA’s or FPS etc..

    So there’s a suggestion as well if any of you struggle with the controls trying to play MMORPG’s through Vorpx or have been hesitant to do so for this reason. Get your self an MMO mouse and you’ll be fixed right up for playing your favorite MMORPG in 3D without having to look at the keyboard. You can feel your way around to the ctrl, alt & shift keys easily enough for your alternate settings and anything else you can map to your mouse buttons or should be accessible by clicking the on screen menu’s instead of using keyboard shortcuts.

    I’d recommend the Naga or Naga trinity mainly because the buttons are all set at different angles so you once you get used to the feel of them under your thumb, you have a better sense of what button you’re touching by feel. As far a I know only the Razer Naga and the Logitech G600 have buttons like that.
    ********************************************************************************** Apologies if this was a double post but I posted once already and though it shows under freshness that I had posted something, I don’t see it showing up in the forum or on my topics started list in my profile so I have made a second attempt at posting. It seems that if I make any attempt to edit after initially posting it does not edit, loads the post reply page but then my post disappears from the forum altogether?? Weird **********************************************************************************

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