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    I love the official VR support of ETS2, but since it’s only available in the beta branch, we can’t use TruckersMP (which is the Multiplayer Mod). This is kinda a deal breaker because all my friends play ETS2 in Multiplayer and you know what they say about VR: Once you go VR you can never go back to a flat screen. :) And its not very likely, that they add VR support to their main branch anytime soon.

    Please, add ETS2 support so we can play its Multiplayer in VR.

    Kind regards


    @ Ralph, kindly add the ETS 2 support..please i love this game and want to play in VR.


    I’m reviving this post, it’s true that a lot of people play on truckersmp, and despite the profiles available, I can’t find the perfect setting. Please add it !!


    It doesnt look very good with this game. Ive spent a couple of hours on a fix, but it seems at least at the moment impossible to get to work with vorpx in 3D. No profile required for 2D with vorpx.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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