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    I am so sorry I said bad things.. I totally retract them all!

    I don’t know what I was expecting but fully native VR wasn’t what I got, it was passable but, the desktop cinema? OMG that is amazing.

    to see a game in 3D like that blew me away. Playing rocket league was simply amazing. So much cool.

    I tried so many games to see if they work in that mode and I love that I don’t have to sacrifice resolution to get the 3d on desktop cinema. It’s like a really well done 3D movie (which I control)

    I ended up playing Enslaved for 8 stages , you know, just testing. It wasn’t as 3D as rocket league but it was such a good ride

    Ryse was another good game to play like that.

    and seeing how high a mountain is in Skyrim was jaw dropping.

    a big thanks to you developer for providing this software, I am only sorry that I didn’t discover all the options before I commented on my purchase.


    No problem. You can easily absolve yourself by purchasing 10 extra licenses. Just kidding :) . Glad that you finally find vorpX useful and can have fun with it.


    A lot of people dismiss cinema mode right away without giving it a chance, because they think its just a big TV. But its actually very very amazing and immersive.


    I like the fact that I can keep the resolution at 1920×1080 on games that I play so I don’t have to keep changing it when I want to play on the tv


    Direct VR scanning for New Vegas, Skyrim, etc gives a very near native VR feeling experience. I’m having a blast playing New Vegas at the moment.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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