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    I bought this Vorpx yesterday and can’t seem to make it work properly, of the 3 games I’ve tried I haven’t come up with great results.
    I tried Grid and it looked like a cinema screen in front of me and Resident Evil 7 looks like there is a hand in front of me and a silhouette of a cut out hand next to it and I also tried Battlefront V from a profile I found on Cloud and I started Battlefront V and the game wouldn’t load properly and just crashed and I also tried what was suggested of using the Battlefield 1 profile and still it crashed and went back to the Oculus menu screen.
    Is there something I’m doing wrong because right now the experience I’m having with this app really isn’t justifying the price I paid for it, if there are other settings I’m not using they don’t seem to be listed anywhere like a compatibility help topic for every game and the settings you should use, I have used search in topics but the information given was for Resident Evil 7 which a user said usedcamera ht modifier to hide the hideous gun aiming hands and I’ve no idea what that even means and also another user saying that you boot the game, open the in-game VorpX setttings, and click on the DirectVR option and I checked and there is no DirectVR option to click on in the Vorpx menu.
    Also suggested by another user to try the Battlefield 1 profile for Battlefield V and that didn’t work either.
    I’m lost here and thinking that I’ve really wasted my money.


    I meant Battlefield V and not Battlefront V, I couldn’t edit this topic.


    You can change between cinema mode and fullscreen at any time with the vorpX Delete key menu, but if a game defaults in cinema mode it is like that for good reasons. You can try full mode in Grid, but it might look too zoomed in for your comfort. There are distance sliders on the image page for you to adjust if you want.

    If you by some chance checkmarked the “Dont optimize game settings” in your vorpX config app, DirectVR functions won’t be available in game. Not all games have DirectVR, but I believe RE7 does.

    Make sure you aren’t running Battlefield V in dx12, vorpX dosn’t work with 12.

    If you still get load crash with dx11, just wait for the vorpX update due this weekend. It has planned Frostbite 3 integration, which might possibly include a new profile for Battlefield V. Just speculating, but we’ll see in a couple days.


    I don’t have Dont optimize game settings checkmarked in config and when I started Resident Evil 7 and pressed the delete button only full VR/immersive/cinema option I could change and nothing said DirectVR or is that what you meant?
    Whatever I try I still get double hands holding double guns.
    I’ll try Grid again when I get finish work.


    If you are new to vorpX, check out the list of good full VR games for beginners. It contains games that are well suited for beginners since they don’t require you to know how vorpX works to get them as close to native VR games as possible.

    Battlefield V is not supported a all currently. vorpX requires game specific profiles for games to work. Here is the list of supported games.


    Thanks, I sorted Resident Evil 7 and had to get the 3d image scale to 0000 and the silhouette hand dissapeared but it plays with big borders on top and bottom same as Grid and not sure if they can be played in full screen or how.
    This isn’t an easy pick up and play app and probably take me a while to set it up to play some games but once I get the hang of it I’m sure it’ll be okay, one of the reasons I got this was because it said Resident Evil 7 was playable and it was either the Rift or PSVR so I opted for the Rift as I thought this would be like TrinusVR I used on my GearVR but it’s a bit cumbersome.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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