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    alright, so on my initial attempt at using portal 2 in vorpx mode it worked relatively fine, although i had to run the auto scan to set certain settings so I wasn’t zoomed in on things and things being distorted. so i ran the scan and the game closed to main menu and now every time i try starting the game after that first scan, the game instantly hard crashes. curious if anyone else has had or is having similar issues and possible ways to fix it.
    i’m running on lowest possible settings, i have a valve index, my computer has an intel i7 processor, 2070 super, and i think 16 gigs of ram so i know its not an issue with my computer.
    in attempting to fix it i’ve tried restarting vorpx, steam vr, my pc, changing the settings in the menu. nothing keeps it from crashing other than running in theater mode instead of vr mode.


    Sounds as if the scanner might have picked up a wrong address. Please try to empty the cache in the vorpX menu (‘DirectVR’) and run the scanner again.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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