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    I’ve just finished Portal 2 using vorpX and that’s one of the best VR experience I ever had !!!

    I have also finished the Half-Life 2 trilogy, and though it was great (especially the episode 2 which was really good in VR), Portal 2 is just spectacular.

    I really can’t understand why Portal 2 hasn’t been released officially in VR, as the game is SO good playing that way (oh maybe because VR games are primarily made for people who can’t stand VR and they would puke jumping everywhere in Portal ?)

    Anyway thank you so much for that awesome experience :)


    +1 Portal 2 was one of the very first games I played in vorpX.

    There’s a rumor I’m inclined to believe that the coming Valve hmd will launch with Portal VR. I imagine it will be mild in comparison, but hope they’ve come up with some new ideas and mechanics. Perhaps it will focus more on coop, or switching between.


    Do you play this with Mouse and Keyboard, Controller or Vive/Oculus Controller?


    I didn’t know there was a Valve HDM planned, will they stop their partnership with HTC and compete against them then?
    Anyway a new portal, especialy in VR would be awesome. I just hope they won’t ditch some features like the paint puzzles that requires jumping and sliding because some people can’t stand them in VR.


    I used my Xbox One controller to play the game.
    As a matter of fact, my only complaint playing Portal 2 with vorpX is that the native controller support of the game didn’t work I could so there was no vibrations.

    But it’s just a small complaint compared to how AWESOME the game is with vorpX :)


    Which settings did you use?


    You don’t need to import any settings for Portal 2, the default profile comes with full DirectVR support out of the box. Best to reset the profile to default in the config app if you already downloaded settings from the cloud.

    No need to tweak anything besides setting the resolution to a 4:3 res as suggested by the vorpX start message, 1920×1440 will look great. If you don’t have this resolution on your PC, you might be able to add it as a custom resolution. Check the ‘Custom Resolutions’ section in the vorpX help for detailed instructions in that regard.


    I have just finished playing Portal 1 and Half Life 2. I must say VorpXs headtracking feels just like a native app.


    i can never get Portal 2 to behave in VorpX. I’ve completed Portal 1 and HL2 in VorpX and they were perfect. But Portal 2 doesn’t run well, and I always come out of portals in reverse. Is there a known workaround for this?


    i just reinstalled portal 2 and still had issue…realized I didn’t have Vsync on, oops. Triple buffered fixed my issue there. Still having that sideways portal issue though.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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