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    Getting weird tracking problems ems in portal 2

    Lok up down right works fine…

    But look left turns left as well?

    Is there a way around this issue?




    If I understand your question correctly it is just the way normal fps games works. Look isn’t decoupled from the walking direction, you would have to have native rift game to achieve this or allready implemented in the game.


    Sorry, just realised how badly I described the problem.

    The head tracking works perfectly with Bioshock infinite.
    Behaves exactly as the mouse look does.

    Portal 2 problem: –
    Look up = works fine
    Look down = works fine
    Look right = works fine
    Look left = the whole screen moves/drags left. It does not look left but moves the sceen left.

    Look left does not work in tracking but pulls the whole screen left.


    So when you turn left nothing happens is what you mean? Or do you mean it strifes left instead of turning? Maybe check game settings to see if turn left and strife left need switching for some reason. Odd issue, hope you get it sorted.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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