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    I’ve had plenty of success with VorpX but, even though it’s listed as having full 3D driver support on the VorpX main page, I’ve never once had any luck in getting Portal 2 to run up with VorpX.

    I’ve tried launching without Steam overlay, disabling anti virus, etc, just always starts up in normal (non-VorpX) mode – has anyone had any luck getting this working yet? I’m guessing by it’s popularity as a game and it’s non-presence on this list that it works okay for everyone?


    I’ve noticed that Portal 2 kills the active VorpX task every time it starts up in non-VorpX mode (i.e. non-binocular).


    I was not able to run Portal 2 with VorpX.

    I used Vireio instead.


    same here, I just bought Vorpx and can’t get Portal 2 running either, it crashes right after the game starts.

    Anyone have advice on settings? Other games, like Outlast, work just fine for me with Vorpx, but not this one.


    is there still no way to get it working? I only get to the first loading screen, then it crashes back to the desktop


    Unfortunately there still seems to be an issue for some with Portal 2 that is completely impossible to reproduce here. Not on a single machine. I am aware that this doesn’t help you at all, but in most cases the game works fine.

    Since the issue isn’t reproducible here, it’s also not possible to begin searching for a fix.


    Ok for me it seems to have helped to set the systemsettings to ONLY show the screen in the rift -don’t know why that is. also it crashed again when my AntiVirus Scanner was doing a scan in the background and steam was installing another game so maybe its some problem with CPU usage? Anyway if Mord people still habe problems linke this maybe this helps you too.

    @ralf : thanks for the fast reply. Portal 2 works Awesome! really great work alone for that vorpx was worth the price !

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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