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    I have the feeling that positional tracking is behaving strangely. When I move my head left or right, the camera also moves forward. And when I move my head forward while I’m looking down, the camera also moves down. I also feel that the in-game positional tracking does not move as much as I do in real life, is there any way to adjust it?


    I’m thinking about making it adjustable, no promises though. The strange thing is that so far there was very inconsistent feedback about this, ranging from too weak over just perfect to too strong, so statistically I would say it’s probably OK. ;)

    That’s often similar with the default 3D-settings, but in this case I really would have thought everybody senses it more or less the same way.


    Juanlo it sounds like you are having the same problem I am. Sounds to me like your positional tracking isn’t working at all. What you are experiencing is head tracking which is different to positional tracking.

    Ralf there is a definite problem with Positional Tracking not working for some people.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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