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    Hello Ralf,
    i just wanted to ask if you could include the “Positional Tracking Strength” Option again in Vorpx?
    It was a very nice feature.
    For example, when i played Left 4 Dead 2 in Third Person Mode, it was possible to get the camera very near over the Shoulder, which was very nice and helpful to fix the “Giant” Hands Problem like in more much games, because you were able to “Control” the Camera (Positional Tracking Camera) very easy with your Head, when you were able to set it to 5.0.
    For me it was kind of a “cinematic tool setting”, which is really nice for VR Games, and should be available :)

    It would be cool, if you can get that setting back again :)
    Thanks in Advance.


    There is no need for this setting. It was originally introduced in case it was necessary to get 1:1 tracking, which isn’t the case anywhere. What you want to do might be fun, but it also will be considered cheating in online games, hence the setting has been removed. Just in case: you can’t convince me, the decision is final. :)


    I hope you are not taking this too serious, How else would i watch Preston Garvey lifting weights from this angle ;-)


    Okay, thank you Ralf, i understand that, but it is to bad that its not possible :)

    RJk u are right, thats the reason why i loved that setting, because you were able to play games with fantastic camera angles very easy.


    Something that came on my mind, just in theory. I imagine some kind of “Flycam” where the camera can be connected to a controller (vive for example) and be freely moved around in the game. Of corse this is not the main goal of VorpX, but i would consider this at least as something experimental to discuss about. You were able to view objects from absolutely any position against the experimental use of the “HT Multiplier” were the physical position of the Headset (including the player ) was in the way.

    Like said just some theory ..


    Yes you are right RJK, that was exactly my thinking too, a free flycam is really nice for VR Games, the WII/Gamecube Emulator Dolphin VR has already this feature.
    When it would be possible to include an free cam mod in Vorpx, then you wouldnt need the positional strength setting anymore. The positional tracking strength, was like an Free Cam Mod for me :)
    This was the reason, why i would like to get that setting back.

    For Battlefield 3 or Mortal Kombat X, there are some cinematic Tools available, where you can freely set the camera, its brilliant with vorpx.
    But Cinematic tools are only for some games available.
    With the settable positional strength setting, you wouldnt need such a cinematic tool.

    @Ralf: I know your decision is final, and i understand that 100 percent.
    But annother question, maybe it would be possible to include an Free Cam Option like in Dolphin VR in the future?
    So that you can fly with WASD and press an Button to fix the Camera. When the Camera is fixed, you are able to play just normal with Positional Tracking from that point.
    This is really helpful for some many games, because you can play with so much better camera angles.

    Its just an Idea of a new feature in the future, maybe in the expert settings section and for people, who really like to play games in an experimental annother cool way.


    Bringing back the Pos. setting wouldnt make much sense for this. As you have experienced, this way of moving the camera was very uncomfortable and it was very hard to bring/keep the camera into certain positions.
    My idea was to decouple the camera from the viewers position and stick it to a controller which you can then move around the room while in seating position.

    I understand Ralf, the majority of people wants a clean VR environment with a proper FOV and everything. You will probably have also noticed that too much of that Pos. HT Value can easily ruin the rest of the game, makes you easily VR sick when turning your head or moving around. I used it for sceenshots and sightseeing only, not for normal gameplay. When i think of that now, a free cam may possibly make someone easily sick too if used too much.


    That was something which i did.
    I always played in seated position and was able to control the camera with pos. tracking 5.0 very fast and easy for nice camera angles.
    For example you were able to place the camera in third person games near the hand to make it to an first person Game, if the game doesnt have mods for first person.
    There are so much third person games, which are fantastic in first person.
    The main reason why it would be cool to get an fixed camera setting, you wont need any mods anymore.
    This is is just for fun and experimental, but it is really nice.

    Then you wont need the Strength setting anymore.
    It would be really helpful for so much games.

    For example, i bought Mirrors Edge Catalyst some days ago and i found the cinematic tools like that,

    they are only available for a handful game,
    and then i thought, this has to be a feature for much more games with Vorpx without such tools likr in Dolphin VR, because its just an cool camera manipulation setting for Singleplayer Games, and for some games you can fix motion sickness much better with better camera angles.


    I perfectly understand that you can do exciting and fun things by changing the camera position more than necessary for actual positional tracking, but that can also be used for severe cheating in online games and getting banned for stuff like this is neither fun nor exciting for anyone, may even lead to vorpX getting disallowed in games where it currently can be used without problems. Unfortunately I have to consider that more important. After all vorpX is not supposed to be a cheat tool of any kind, its purpose is to play games in VR.


    Ok Ralf. Thanks for your Reply :)

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