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    There is a problem.
    I used the COCKPIT VIEW MOD of One game.
    Three of them are d3d9.dll, views.cam, and views.ini.
    These files are placed directly in the game folder.
    Then I tried to make this game three – dimensional with VORPX.
    Then, the following error message appeared.
    “Possible conflict detected.vorpX may not work correctly.Please rename / remove the below files: G \: Program Files (× 86) \ SteamLibrary \ steamapps \ common \ One game\ d3d9.dll”
    So I changed the name of d3d9 in the game folder to a_d3d9.dll and executed it.
    Then, although VORPX starts up, COCKPIT VIEW MOD did not start.
    It was the same even after putting the file in one folder and putting it in the game folder.
    I think that COKPIT VIEW MOD will not start if you delete d3d9.dll.
    How can I start VORPX while taking advantage of d3d9.dll of COCKPIT VIEW MOD?
    please tell me. Thank you.


    If your mod requires a d3d9.dll in the game directory, it hooks into the rendering pipeline similar to vorpX, probably even into the same functions. Since that pretty much is a recipe for disaster the warning you see is shown. d3d9.dll is the main Direct3D 9 rendering engine that all D3D9 games use.

    If you are lucky, it works despite this warning, otherwise not much can be done, sorry.


    Is it possible to disable that warning somehow? Ancient game I am playing uses plugins, and vorpx works just fine but warning gets in a way at startup


    I second this, is it possible to have advanced settings to disable dll warnings?
    enb series f.ex runs d3d9.dlls, and while it could be a recipe for disaster or needing to troubleshoot, if users get past this and it’s of no consequence, it’s clunky to have error dialog sounds, and a dialog up during/after game session. the notification of possible interference could happen elegantly elsewhere.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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