Possible to use VorpX with older Oculus runtime?

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    I’m a bit behind on Oculus runtimes, as what I have atm works well with what I mainly use it for. Currently on Oculus runtime

    So I was wondering if it’s possible to use VorpX with that, or, if it’s possible to somehow use an older VorpX that fits?


    No sorry. You need the runtime 0.7 or above. 0.6 *may* also work, but wasn’t tested. vorpX from the time before 0.6 misses so many features of the current build that this alone is worth the runtime update. Let alone all the other things not working with older runtimes.


    Thanks for replying!

    Ah, okay. So no hope for a backwards compatible version, or a runtime version setting then?

    I’m ofc aware it’s a prototype and all that, but not everything is updated to work with the latest drivers all the time. So it’s not really worth it to me to update the runtime just yet.

    Except maybe to runtime which I suspect works about the same as (haven’t really gotten around to test it). But I have a feeling onwards won’t work, not yet anyway, with the removal of extended desktop mode as I understand it.

    My hope was to get Test Drive Unlimited 1 added to a few games I use with the Oculus (and possibly others with vorpX). Not sure about headtracking, I want to avoid using TrackIR at the same time and instead maybe use opentrack (not tried yet). Unless vorpX have some tricks.

    Instead of just writing about it, I’ll try it soon :-) Hopefully, vorpX works with


    I was running VorpX with SDK

    It worked in some cases, but I did have a lot of issues with random freezing.

    see: https://www.vorpx.com/forums/topic/oculus-screen-freezes/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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