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    I have got Post Scriptum to work in VR G3D using a profile derived from the Observer.

    The head tracking needs some tweaking; no rotation just head movement.

    Unfortunately it only works with EAC disabled and there are usually no servers than have it disabled. I created a dedicated server to test it out and it works quite well although my PC can’t handle a PS server, VorpX and PS client running at the same time.

    If enough people were interested in running PS in VR then there could be more servers for it.


    That’s neat Gus. Are there any plans for bot support? I had been hoping to try PS at launch, but if there are no “Offline” mode with bots, I’m afraid there will be too little to play.

    I really wish EAC wouldn’t block vorpX. We want to play too :)


    Did you get any further with this? I’d love to try Post Scriptum in stereoscopic 3D.. What profile did you use as I can’t find a game called ‘the Observer’..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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