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    Before the update I had my latest addiction (Flight Simulator 2020) performing like butter. After the update (which now includes its own profile for FS 2020 known as “flightsimulator.exe”), I’m getting the stutters. :-(

    Is there a way to return to the previous version or to remove the new “flightsimulator.exe” profile that suddenly exists?

    Hoping to get this sorted before vacation…


    Seph Swain

    Same here for RocketLeague.

    Since the last major vorpX update (21.1.0) I get random massive fps drops.
    The stuttering happens in intervals of about 3-10s, last for 0.5-3s and feel like fps drop to 5 or so.
    The game did run perfectly smooth before the update.

    more debugging info:
    The vorpX framerate counter shows a solid 90fps/90fps for game and headset all the time, ie. before, during and after the stuttering.
    The RocketLeague in-game performance graphs show no peaks whatsoever.
    I changed every configuration I could find in vorpX, in-game and NVIDIA panel (incl. custom resolutions) but nothing seemd to make the problem better or worse.
    I usually use the TechnoGoat vorpX profile as a basis, but also tried the vorpX default profile.
    RocketLeague itself updated a couple of days before vorpX and started Season 2 on exactly the same date as the vorpX update.

    Rift CV1 on a RTX3070 rockrockRyzen 5.


    Does the same happen when you switch ‘Headset Sync’ to ‘Safe’ on the main page of the vorpX menu? Possible that that fixes issues like this one (provided they are actually caused by vorpX).

    Seph Swain

    Changing “Direct mode async render” and “Headset Sync” (both in “Display settings”) did the trick for me.

    Unfortunately I can’t provide good or bad settings, as I can no longer reproduce the original problem. Most combinations of those parameters work well, only some combinations seem to cause the problem sometimes, sometimes not. (Maybe you have to restart the game befor changes take effect?)

    Thanks for the support and looking forward for native VR in FS!


    Nope, changing Headset Sync to “safe” didn’t help. FWIW, it’s a high-frequency stutter, which if I’m guessing means a sync not a performance issue.

    Thanks for looking into it…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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