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    Hi, $40 is a lot for me.

    I’m basically interested in Vorpx just to try playing one game: Pathologic 2. I have no idea if it will work well or not. But I am very interested to see. I believe it runs on directx 11 so I think that is promising? It is a beautiful game (and amazing game), and it might be very interesting playing it in VR.

    Is there anyone who would be able to test it for me, and tell me how well it works/what I can expect if I choose to buy vorpx just to play it?


    I’m interested in this as well. Using vorpx for a lot of games and very happy with it. Want to buy Pathologic 2 but not unless there’s a vaguely decent profile out for it.

    I understand it’s not a widely popular game though, so the effort vs reward ratio is probably against it.

    Still… gotta keep hope alive.


    It does look like a curious game, I’ve now added to my wishlist awaiting a sale.

    From what I read, it’s running on Unity 5 and has a built in FOV slider that maxes to 100 vertical (which should be plenty), both promising factors regarding use with vorpX.

    However, it sounds like it is poorly optimized and struggles to run on current hardware, so trying to push stereoscopic rendering will be a challenge.

    I would expect frame rates below the preferred 45, mismatching dynamic shadows (or turned off entirely), and possibly using the cinema screen mode instead of FullVR, depending on how much time will be spent in the inventory menus or how well the HUD can be scaled down. Most likely a seated experience with mouse and keyboard.

    Not to say that would make a terrible experience (I play and enjoy many games this way, though I have a seasoned iron gut by now), but I wouldn’t expect it to be flawless or like actual VR.

    If that still sounds like something you would try, maybe I can bump it up on my sale priority list and have a go at it.


    It is a pretty hefty game to run, that is definitely my biggest concern with how it will run in vorpx. But yeah I’m super interested in how it would go, if it would be an enjoyable experience played however it could be played in vorpx. Playing in VR is healthier for me than playing at my computer screen, so if it were enjoyable I’d probably be comfortable making various graphical sacrifices. And I don’t struggle with motion sickness in VR so it’s mostly just aesthetic concerns I have.

    I would prefer a standing experience too, but even seated it is generally better for me with the screen strapped to my head than my flat screen, as it allows me to sit in positions that are more comfortable for me.

    But yeah, appreciate the expression of interest from both of you, please let me know if/when you try it!!! That would be really fantastic to hear about it.

    The game itself in my opinion is absolutely incredible. I am about halfway through it as it is, playing flat. It is one of my favourite games of all time for sure.


    By the way I’m running on an RTX 2070, Ryzen 3700x. I’m pretty sure I’m running Pathologic 2 on highest graphic settings and I think it’s like at the limit of what runs smoothly, but it does run smoothly. So yeah I’m expecting for vorpx use I’d have to bump down graphics a bit.


    There is a user profile in the cloud, but judging from the description the author didn’t do any game specific shader treatment (shadows, UI etc.).

    Looks like a interesting game for vorpX. Popularity seems a bit on the questionable side for a full price purchase, but I bought it anyway. Check back for the next vorpX update in a month or so. If you see the game mentioned in the release notes, there will be an official profile. If you buy vorpX for the game in the end, I’d at least have its purchase price back. ;)

    As far as graphics fidelity is concerned you will probably have to make some compromises. Since with ‘true’ Geometry 3D everything has to be rendered twice, there is an according performance penality involved. Alternatively you can often switch to a post process 3D mode that is less demanding, but doesn’t look as natural.


    That’s awesome, I really appreciate you looking into it to that degree. I shall absolutely be checking in here and there!


    Check back for the next vorpX update in a month or so. If you see the game mentioned in the release notes, there will be an official profile. If you buy vorpX for the game in the end, I’d at least have its purchase price back. ;)

    So, potential good news for you, I think this person has sold me on it ;p https://www.reddit.com/r/vorpx/comments/gq30sa/interested_in_trying_one_game_pathologic_2_anyone/fs2w7f2/

    Wondering a couple things about the potential official profile.

    (written by the reddit user) “What you won’t have is an unlocked head. In other words, you can’t do this and expect your view to change. afaik at least. I’ll check if you can; it’s a setting that usually is in only a few games.”

    Is 6dof unlocked head something you could achieve with this game? Any idea if it’s feasible?

    And it sounds like VorpX tends to work best with keyboard and mouse. Is it possible/realistic to make a profile that would work well with gamepad (DS4) or Touch controllers, although I think there probably aren’t enough buttons on touch. Pathologic 2 non-VR has gamepad support though.


    6DOF tracking:

    Positional tracking can be enabled in every game that supports Geometry 3D. Whether that makes sense is a different question though and depends on how much visual glitches it introduces and how much of these glitches you want to accept in turn for 6DOF tracking. In games with little to no positional tracking related glitches it’s on per default, otherwise you can enable it in the vorpX menu and check whether things still look good enough for you with positional tracking on.

    What vorpX cannot do however is decoupling head from body rotation. That would require access to a game’s source code. vorpX does not change how the controls of a game work.

    VR controllers:

    vorpX can emulate either mouse/keyboard input or a gamepad with VR controllers, so you can play pretty much every game with VR controllers if you want. The keyboard/mouse emulation is freely configurable. Also the current mapping is displayed ingame on your controllers, so that is all fairly intuitive to use.


    I’ve been looking for some way to enable the 6dof tracking but I don’t see it anywhere in the vorpx settings. Can you point me to where I should be looking? I’m using Geometry 3D.

    Also I got the touch controllers going for it. I prefer to play standing (partially for immersion, partially cause it’s healthier for me), and the touch controllers are easy to use (DS4 can be a bit finicky with more setup), made a custom mapping that I think will work nicely and let me do everything! One annoyance, maybe it’s not fixable, the left Touch controller analog stick feels kinda like a d-pad, or just weirdly sensitive or something? Like when I push it left or right I find the movement feels very sudden and rapid in an unnatural way. Anything I can do about that?

    Overall, I have mixed feelings about how it all looks and feels, but I expected that, and it is quite beautiful and enjoyable as well! I’ve only played a small amount so far but I think I will end up playing the rest of my game in VR with vorpx! :) As the reddit user mentioned to me, it’s necessary to pop into immersive theatre every time you get into dialog or a menu, but I think I will be okay with that, seems alright so far and I’ll only get more used to it as I play more.

    Oh and another thing – when I open the game I get an error message saying there might be a conflict between vorpx and a file in the pathologic 2 folders called “d3d11.dl”, and it suggests I may want to delete that. But the game seems to be working to me… so should I just ignore that? Or will it be improved if I delete that file? Any ideas?

    Now I just have to convince myself to let go of my fear of complete failure and press forward in the game…


    Please remove the d3d11.dll, it does not belong to the game. If you have a d3d11.dll in your game directory, you must have installed some mod that put it there. d3d11.dll is a system .dll that normally can only be found in your Windows system directory.

    Controller: per default VR controllers emulate mouse and keyboard, hence the ‘d-pad’ like impression you get. To be more precise pressing the ‘W’-key is emulated when you move the left stick forward. vorpX can also emulate a gamepad though with your VR controllers, you can configure that in the vorpX ingame menu.

    Caveat: Some games dislike mouse and gamepad input at the some time. Since vorpX often has to emulate a mouse for head tracking, in such cases emulating a gamepad natively might cause a conflict. If you experience any headtracking dropouts or similar glitches after switching the VR controllers to gamepad emulation, you encountered such a game. In that case mouse/kb emulation is the only viable option.


    Hmm that’s weird I haven’t downloaded any mod for it and I bought it right from Steam. But I’ll go ahead and delete it.

    Okay thanks for the help/info about the controller setup.

    And what about the positional tracking (for 6dof) you mentioned before that I should be able to enable somewhere? I don’t see the setting for it.

    Appreciate your help.


    Head tracking related settings are on the ‘Head Tracking’ page of the vorpX ingame menu. With Geometry 3D enabled you should also see options to unlock/enable positional tracking there.


    Hi folks, any news on this?

    Hate to necro, but this showed up while googling, so it’s worth reviving.


    I checked the game out on VorpX earlier today (already had it on Steam, and would be a great game to use with VorpX if it worked).

    Unfortunately, with the current profiles, it’s one of those games where the mouse pointer is being rendered in a different place it’s actually at. Considering inventory management is a big and frequent part of P2, this issue pretty much renders the game unplayable. The 3D reconstruction works pretty well though, but the max FOV is still too small/zoomed in to be immersive regarldess if you are in “full VR” or in immersive screen mode.

    It has potential but as of right now it’s not very practical to play.

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