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    Just updated Vorpx to the latest version and Prey looks better now however if I use the Vive controllers I cannot move forward or backward and only turn with the right trackpad, all buttons cause a screenshot and I can’t summon the Vorpx menu by pressing both grips anymore.


    Odd, maybe the mapping is messed up for some reason. Try to reset the profile to default in the config app (trouble shooting page).

    You could also try switch the Vive controllers from mous/kb to gamepad mode (or vice versa) in the vorpX menu.


    Hi Ralf, they seem to be working normally now as gamepad however my right trackpad is extremely sensitive. As long as my finger is moving or still on it it’s ok but often when I take my finger off it I’m suddenly looking at the ceiling.

    Is it possible to adjust the sensitivity of the trackpads when using the controllers as gamepad, adjusting in the Vorpx gamepad settings doesn’t seem to have any effect?

    Also the prompts in the game are often key prompts and not gamepad button prompts or sometimes they flicker between the two.


    The gamepad stick sensitivity should be adjustable in the game options, so having this option in vorpX would be redundant for gamepad mode.

    You might want to check whether this also happens with an actual gamepad. Might be that it’s not a sensitivity issue. Maybe the game dislikes gamepad and mouse (for head tracking) being used together. In that case I would recommend to play with mouse and keyboard.

    The key prompts aren’t avoidable since a mouse is still emulated for head tracking and the game decides what prompts to show on its own. A handful of games allow to choose which prmpts are shown, but I don’t think Prey is among them.


    I set the gamepad sensitivity to 0 and it seems a bit better but still erratic sometimes.

    Please explain what the difference is between none, partial and full override for the gamepad.


    With gamepad override vorpX emulates mouse and keyboard through your gamepad instead of letting the game use its native gamepad handling. That is crucial for games that don’t allow mouse/kb and gamepad to be used at the same time since vorpX might require mouse input for head tracking.

    If this setting is set to anything else than “Off” per default for a game, there usually is a reason for that and you better should not touch it.

    “Partial” gives you control over which parts of the gamepad are handled natively and which are not.


    Thanks Ralf, I am playing Rise of the Tomb Raider in immersive mode and it was set to partial but I had no vibration so I set it off and then vibration worked and I noticed no difference with the gamepad controls.


    Prey 2017 does not have a DirectVR Scan option, right? Is there a list of all games that support the in-game Scan (ALT+L) function. Seems like the games with this function gives an amazing VR experience.


    The list I posted in reply to your question yesterday contains all games with memory scanner tracking. Prey however was added mistakingly, the scanner wasn’t reliable enough and had to be removed. Sorry for the confusion.

    Memory scanner tracking is not quite as important anymore for modern games as it used to be. Most games these days (Prey [2017] included) use low latency mouse input with almost as little latency as memory scanner head tracking. The memory scanner is still quite a bit better for other reasons, but the advantage isn’t as huge with most newer games as it is with games the use the laggy Windows default mouse input.


    Trying out some of my older games with VorpX & decided to try this one, apart from shadows looking a bit weird occasionally i got it looking & working great on my set up (6700XT & Rift S) so just thought i’d post my game & VorpX settings:

    Game resolution set to 2560 x 1440 & FOV slider set to 120..

    VorpX setting (any settings not mentioned are left on default):

    Main settings

    Full VR
    3D strength – 1.00
    Head tracking – 1.50
    Main eye – Right

    Image settings

    Clarity – Medium
    Sharpen – 2.0
    Hud scale – 0.60
    Hud horizontal – 0.55
    Hud depth – 0.85
    Shadow treatment – Auto
    Aspect ratio – 1:1
    Image zoom – 0.80

    Direct VR settings

    FOV adjustment – 20.00

    Very cool experience in VR.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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