Prey in VR using VORPX Looks So Good I Can't Believe It's Almost 10 Years Old!

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    So after going through my old games shelf I came across Prey and remembered just how ahead of its time and mind blowing it was back in the day. It took a bit of tweaking to get it working, but the end result was stunning! Here’s what you will need to do if you want to experience this for yourself:

    1) Go to the folder you installed the game in and open the Base folder and find the preyconfig.cfg

    2) Open the file and copy these lines and overwrite the originals:
    seta r_customHeight “1080”
    seta r_customWidth “1920”
    seta r_fullscreen “0”
    seta r_displayRefresh “75”
    seta r_mode “-1”
    seta r_skipGlowOverlay “1”

    3) Rename the game’s executable to stvoy.exe (this tricks VORPX into G3D mode for positional tracking)

    4) Start the game and make sure VORPX is set to the lounge. the positional tracking interferes with the games initial menu. You can disable the cinema screen after booting into the game.

    5) Once in the game press CTRL + ALT + ~

    6) After loading the console type g_fov and set to 120

    7) Open the vorpx menu and set the focal distance to 100 and on the next tab set the pixels to 1:1 and adjust the zoom to your preference.

    That’s it… your now ready to go off the reservation! █-)

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    nice find, thanks. I like the 3D quality with that, but mostly only 20-30 Game FPS, thats not playable. 4.2 GHz Quad and GTX 970 here.


    Some things are worth trying:

    May still require Vsync to be active.
    Remove FPS limit:
    Navigate to <path-to-game>\base
    Edit preyconfig.cfg
    Add the line seta com_FixedTic “1” below the line seta com_imageQuality “2”
    Set preyconfig.cfg to read-only under properties.

    It is also good to take a look at the options panel NVIDIA:
    Preferred frequency upgrade
    Vertical Sync

    I find it very strange that this game can not achieve an adequate frame rate, even with asyncronous timewarp.


    Thx, I fiddled around with the config and tried
    seta com_FixedTic “1”
    too. Then at some places I get much better fps, but the movement speed is now synced with the fps.
    It’s an OpenGL game, support for that is rather new.


    Yeah fixedTic is needed otherwise frame rate is horrible. However it still drops under 75hz in most places even with settings lowered. Using a gtx 970.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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