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    When I first got my CV1, one of the first thing I played with it was Metroid Prime using Dolphin VR, and this is still one of the best experience I’ve done in VR.

    Dolphin VR has been discontinued a long time ago, but I was hoping with the release of OpenXR that the official Dolphin team would support VR, sadly it didn’t happen.

    A couple of says ago, my crave for Metroid Prime in VR started again (I was playing the Wizards Enhanced Edition on my Reverb G2 and thought it would be awesome to have a remake of Metroid Prime in VR with those visuals).

    So after searching a while I stumbled upon a tutorial on how to play the Metroid Prime Trilogy with mouse and keyboard as well as improved graphics using PrimeHack (a fork of Dolphin), and at the same time I saw a video of Beardo Benjo playing some GameCube games in 3D using vorpX and Dolphin (but in virtual 3D cinema mode).

    So would it be possible to use that fork of Dolphin that works with mouse & keyboard to have Metroid Prime Trilogy working with vorpX in full VR Mode ?

    I tried but vorpX didn’t hooked to Dolphin (I have the sound but only a loading Dolphin screen), any ideas ?


    If Dolphin is like other emulators, vorpx won’t hook until you actually run a game. You also need to gave your graphics api set to opengl, and the vorpx profile for dolphin expects the input to be in sbs format, if I’m not mistaken.


    Oh I missed those steps, I’ll try again.
    Thankx ;)


    It kinda worked, used DX11 and activated SBS stereo 3D in the settings of Dolphin, but the result is notat all what I was I expecting.
    I can “play” (it’s really slow and buggy” but it is in theater mode, no head tracking (it is a mess when I use the full VR mode).
    Guess I’m stuck to play with the discontinued Dolphin VR :-/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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