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    I can play PES 14 last week, but from two days ago game doesn´t work with vorpX.

    I dont install any new software, I think that can be the new version of VorpX that make I can´t play.

    Updates are automatic? We don´t choose what version can use?


    PD: With Metro Last Light is same, it is working three days ago but today is not working :(



    That sounds strange. Did you try the simple things that come to mind first when such things happen? Re-booting Windows and such? A new vorpX version can’t be the cause, since there was no update so far. You could try to uninstall and then reinstall vorpX to make sure the installation is intact.

    Both games are currently not supported currently, btw. But good to hear that they seem to work in unsupported mode.


    It is strange, I Reboot, i ReInstall vorpX and it is same.

    I see my installed programams and i installed yesterday Microsoft.Net Framework 4.5. Is the unique change in my system.


    Fake Alarm.

    I dont remember i have installed a PEsEdit files, i reinstalled PES 14 and Works again.

    In Metro i have created a shortcut with vorpx and i have play again.


    Was there any 3D with this game ? Strange engine ive got only the crowd in S3D, rest remained mono.


    Hey buddy! Me too… I can run PES 19 with other profile – the Vorpx settings shows me Geometry, z3d etc. But it do not work like that!! looks like 2d for me. So Im playing in cinema mod…
    Play sports game in 3D is so cool!! Im playing FIfa 19 in 3D using another one software…
    Ralf, could u think about of in the future bring these games to the vorpx also?? should be great!! :D

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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