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    I have a problem I am in trouble.
    It is about Z3D.
    There are Z3D compatible profiles, The Crew and GRID Autosport.
    When I try to play, 3D effects may not work at all.
    And once in a while, there are times when clear 3D effects are working.
    How can I ensure that 3D effects are working when playing?
    It seems like it’s random to succeed now, and it’s useless and tired.
    Please tell me who you know.


    i never tried those games with vorpx so cant help :/

    did you try to switch between windowed/fullscreen mode ? somtimes for me fullscreen mode breaks 3D.


    I was launching the game full screen.
    I will try to start in Windowed mode.
    Thank you for your helpful reference.


    Not Z3D related, Perhaps you rather want to play G3D instead of Z3D. You may try out the G3D profile for GRID 2 i have in the cloud. Close release dates give you a good chance of G3D for your game using the same game engine.


    Thank you very much for the advice.
    I will try in the near future.


    TO Steph12
    As soon as I started up in windowed mode, the Z3D effect was working. Maybe I think this is fine. Thank you.

    TO RJK_
    I already got your Grid2 profile, but after I tried it, it didn’t become G3D. Of course I started in Windowed mode. I’m sorry. Thank you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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