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    Hi, the VorpX cursor is always ingame and is minimizing my game all the time, how can i fix it?


    It’s not a general issue, but someone else reported the same earlier. ALT+TAB out of the game and back into is supposed to fix it.

    I couldn’t replicate it so far, but will continue to investigate.


    Yeah please because is impossible to play ALT+TAB doesnt work.
    The game minimized all the time, in a fight, 2 seconds and down, 2 seconds and down, is just impossible to play


    any news?¿


    Status is still the same: The issue can not be replicated here so far unfortunately, which means there is no way to find a possible cause inside vorpX.


    I’m getting three cursors Skyrim, vorpX and the Desktop one, seems the desktop one moves out to the monitor and i click it jumps out to windows.

    windows 8.1
    Customizable Camera 1.82
    Less Intrusive HUD II – 1.1
    SkyUI – 4.1
    Static Mesh Improvement Mod – 1.74
    The Joy of Perspective – 0.9.3
    Unofficial Skyrim Patch – 2.0.6


    What can i do? i just cant play :S


    Having the exact same issue. Skyrim has 3 cursors on screen, my Windows cursor looking like an hour glass, the VorpX cursor, and when I’m in menus the Skyrim cursor. My game is constantly being minimized when trying to play due to this.

    Windows 7 64

    Radeon HD 7970 ghz ed 6gb
    16gb Ram
    i7 3770k

    Static Mesh Improvement Mod
    Unofficial patches
    Various texture mods


    Forgot to mention it most often minimizes when using menus. Particularly when I’m using the middle mouse key to look around at the menus.

    I’m using the default controls and have no controllers or other devices plugged in. No unusual keymaps or anything of the sort.


    Found a workaround for it.

    Alt-tab does get the extra mouse cursors off the screen. Sometimes it takes a few tries, but it does work eventually. Just make sure you have a folder open to alt-tab to as just using alt-tab to exit to the desktop doesn’t work. You’ve got to go to an open folder or other window and then back to the game. I recommend a folder because it’s won’t tie up your resources with an active process and drag the game performance down.

    That doesn’t solve the minimizing issue though.

    I’ve figured out what is happening with that though. The problem is that the Windows mouse cursor doesn’t interfere with the game as long as it’s on the same screen that Skyrim is being displayed on, but it’s not restricted to the game screen for some reason. It’s moving over to the extended desktop screen and that’s when it minimizes the game screen. As long as it stays on the Rift screen with the game it’s fine.

    The workaround is simple, just set the Rift up so it’s the only display. Keep the Oculus Config in extended mode, then use the Windows Display screen and simply set it so that the Rift’s screen is the only active display. This has completely solved the minimizing issue I’ve been having.

    You might want to remove the lenses for a moment so you can move some of the icons to the center of the screen to make launching the game easier, but once you get everything set up it’s not so bad.

    I’ve got the most common icons I use for VR and a folder full of shortcut for VR games and programs in the center of the screen when my Rift is the only display. It’s a little awkward, but not too bad as long as you remember you can drag open folders and windows about by holding down left click on the top portion of them to get a better look at them without head tracking. It also helps to close one eye so you can see what you’re doing a little better.

    It’s well worth the effort it takes to get Skyrim working right, but I’m still hoping this will be fixed in future updates.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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