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    I am trying to make a mod for Mass Effect LE1 that segregates the head view from the direction in which the player character moves. I am tying that direction to the left controller orientation, but reading the data seems to disable all built in functionality of the controllers.

    Is there a hidden API that would allow me to keep the built in functionality and also get those orientations, perhaps the full state data, just in case I might later need other variables like the stick position?



    Calling vpxGetControllerRotation() or vpxGetControllerPosition() should only disable the rendering, vorpX in that case per default assumes you want to render some custom model. The internal rendering can be forced back on with vpxForceVorpControllerRendering(VPX_TRUE) if that assumption in not correct.

    Unless there is some bug, that should do what you primarily want to do. Let me know whether that does the trick or not.

    I’l add a similar vpxForce… override for the controller button/axes handling after calling vpxGetControllerState(). Didn’t really occur to me at the time that someone might want to get the state without handling controller input entirely. But thinking about it there may indeed be good reason for that. I’ll update the current beta build in the next few days and let you know here.


    Calling vpxGetControllerRotation() does indeed not disable relative input, however calling the HMD rotation does disable camera rotation, as far as I can tell. The more granularly you can enable the control, the better. Thanks Ralf!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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