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    Hi, first of all, im very happy with Vorpx, its been great this months playing qith it.

    But i have some problems, with Last Light Redux, if I change anything in Graphic settings, the game closes, so i cant change anything from the game menu.

    Another thing is, if I change from Geometry to Z3d, everything floats, so if you look up or down, objects move with your view.

    Another thing, is in geometry, where you can play, if I zoom with the weapons, when I shoot, the shoot is off, Its the only game that I have play that this happens, so i dont know if this can be fix.

    And last, thanks Ralf, you deserve a lot more recognition because VorpX is amazing.


    I think Ralf fix it, because in cloud profiles theres a new profile made with vorpx 19.1.0 and now it dont crash, and the aim is fix, thanks a lot Ralf

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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