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    after playing around with vorpx, I can not longer use Steam titels in VR and also the headtracking in oculus home seems to be mixed up. The only solution for me is rebooting the machine each time after i used vorpx. Even ctrl-alt-del doesn´t help, when i closed every prog that looks like vorpx. Do we have a more comfort possibility?


    I can confirm that. After starting vorpx every game launched via steam is no longer running in VR Mode. UPlay games are working fine. It seems there is a conflict with steamVR and vorpx.

    I’m using vorpx 16.2 and HTC Vive.


    While vorpX is active it tries to hook into every game you start. That includes VR games. To avoid this either exit vorpX before starting a native VR game or pause the injection watcher (tray icon right click menu).

    If vorpX isn’t running, it doesn’t do anything. It’s just a normal program that only is active while it is running.


    Hi Ralf, denny99 and me try to describe, that after exiting the program, programs that usually work in VR on steam don’t hook on any longer. And that after exiting and using vorpx. Only a reboot solves the problem. I can reproduce that error. The pc “behaves” different after using vorpx.


    That sounds rather odd. There is no background process or anything similar that remains active after closing vorpX. vorpX only hooks into other programs while it is running.

    Only possible thing I can imagine is that vorpX maybe hooks into a SteamVR component while it is active and then remains hooked after closing the vorpX control app, which then might cause unwanted behavior.

    You can check for that with the following procedure:

    1. Reboot your PC
    2. Start vorpX and SteamVR
    3. Start a few games
    4. Close vorpX
    5. If you now observe the unwanted bahavior, open the vorpX config app and create a trouble shoot data archive, which contains a logfile. Do not start vorpX again before doing this! Otherwise the logfile is flushed.
    6. Check the logfile in the archive for any programs that vorpX wasn’t supposed to hook into while it was running and add them to the exclude list in the config app.

    Please let me know your findings! If there is indeed some unwanted hook, I will add the program(s) in question to the exclude list per default for the next update.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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