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    I’m seeing some chromatic aberration in the games. The effect is strong enough to make text in the corners of the display very hard to read. Enabling the chromatic aberration compensation in the in-game menu makes things even worse. The compensation seems to be too strong.

    I’m using the B-lenses. Does vorpX take the different lens types into account for this?

    Another thing I noticed was that the displays for the separate eyes seemed to be slightly tilted towards each other. AFAIK this is the case when the position for the lens center is off. I think it should be possible to calculate the correct coordinate from the IPD and the lens type.

    Is the there a manual setting that I could use to correct the issue?


    Both good hints, thanks. Might make sense do have different CA-correction for the different eyecups. I’ll look into it.

    Same for the Distortion hint: ATM the distortion center is fixed IIRC, might make sense to link it to the IPD, although that’s a pretty subtle effect. Still worth to check out. You can’t change this yourself.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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