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    I’ve had nothing but problems getting fallout new vegas to work. First it wasn’t working at all in windows 10 so I found out I needed to download NVAC and NVSE to even get the game to load past the intro. Now everything works fine without vorpx. With vorpx, I can load my save fine but as soon as I start to look around via gamepad, mouse, or HMD, the game appears to alt tab and freeze for a few seconds. If I take off the HMD and look at my monitor I notice that the game is alt tabbed. If I navigate back to the game it works, but if I look around again the same thing happens. This makes it completely unplayable.

    I’ve tried setting all the settings to low, 1280×1024 resolution, nothing seems to fix it. Has anyone else had any luck getting it up and running?

    I’m running it on a 4690k with a gtx 1060 with all my drivers up-to-date on a HTC vive.


    I’ve had a problem where the sticks on my controller seem to be mapped to buttons on top of the movement. So I’ll switch to third person or begin springing (Project Nevada), when I move around. It also seems to change behavior everytime I load the game. Could be the same issue, where it’s hitting alt tab instead.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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