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    Hello, I tried the Trine 4 game with Vorpx profiles (trine, trine 2, trine 3) but it doesn’t work. I wanted to know if with you it is the same for those who have the game? Or if Ralf will have the opportunity to watch this, it’s weird that with none of these profiles the game Trine 4 in Vorpx does not want to run. It’s a super nice 2.5D game. Thanks !!!!!!!!


    If you drop me a valid steam key, i may be able to fix the game. Unfortunately i cant buy ever game thats out new, spent half of a fortune already on 500 other games for vorpx profiles..


    I took a look at this a while back. Trine 4 uses a new renderer which doesn’t support stereo, unlike the previous games. I had some moderate success in finding a z3d profile that would work, but as I recall, most of them had objects that were out of place on the z-axis. Many of the profiles I tried caused the game to crash on startup.

    The developers sort of blame the demise of Nvidia 3D Vision on their decision to not support stereo – not enough resources to spend on a dying technology.


    TRINE 4 causes some serious stuttering among other troubles on my system, once i am playing it on any virtual desktop, regardless if it´s vorpX, Bigscreen-Beta or Steam´s VD.

    While it is stuttering in VR, there ain´t any problem on the monitor. Someone told me he doesn´t have any problem in VR, but i still think it is rather the game causing the troubles on many machines in VR than it is really system related, especially now that i read this here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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