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    Hi guys :)

    I did some profiles and I hope some of you will like them.

    The first one if for GZDOOM (Profile name is Gzdoom)
    I know there is many ways to play classic doom in vr. But gzdoom for vr never gets updated, so many mods does not work with it.
    With my profile you can use gameplay mods and hud mods.
    Im a huge fan of Project Brutality and Catvisor mod and now it works :)
    I don´t know if its a feature for Project Brutality or newer gzdoom, but there is an option for a custom screen resolution, set it to 1080×1080.
    Here is a video of me using my profile :

    The next profile is for a mod for Quake called Slayer´s Testaments (same name for the profile)
    Its a mod that makes Quake into Doom 2016. Its very easy to set up.
    But here is a video with gameplay and a guide to set it up :

    The last profile is for Wrath – Aeon Of Ruin (also the name of the profile)
    It was very tough to make this work. I had to edit text files to move hud elements around so they fit the screen.
    Here is my guide video to help you set it up :
    And here is some gameplay :

    All mods that I use are in the descriptions on each video.
    I hope someone will enjoy this :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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