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    I’ve been tweaking this game for weeks now and just a few days ago, I discovered something that was literally a game changer. I’m not sure when Bethesda added this but it seems that in order to make custom setting changes and have them stick, you need to put them in the Fallout76Custom.ini, rather than where it was originally (to my knowledge) the Fallout76prefs.ini. This had been messing me up because any time I would try to change to a custom resolution, it would never stick–even changing the prefs.ini to read-only didn’t work; the game would undo the read-only change somehow.

    Finally, I started looking into it and realized that custom changes go into the aptly named custom ini. I ignored it initially because it was completely blank, and this is the important part: Just by adding a single setting to this file (in my case, a custom resolution), after logging into the game and allowing Vorpx to change settings, it populated all of the changes that should have been taking effect originally. Suddenly I could see my weapon fully-rendered in 1st person! And my pipboy (arm-rendering included)! No longer were huge parts of my UI cut off! I honestly thought that was just the way it was with Vorpx in this game but I’m glad to say that just by putting a single setting into the custom.ini, Vorpx then knew to put it’s own settings in there as well and finally the game is mostly behaving like it’s supposed to with the profile Ralf made for it. (I’m guessing when he made the profile originally, they weren’t yet using the custom.ini thing?)

    There are only two remaining issues so far: One of them is with the lockpick screen not showing when allowing Vorpx to auto-pick the resolution. The fix for this is setting it to a custom resolution. Since I only play in 1st person, I went with the highest 4:3 I could do which was 2880×2160, and all in all, it looks pretty damn good on my HP Reverb G2 headset. I also tried a 16:9 resolution too and it also rendered the lockpick screen, so it seems to be something with the auto-resolution option that’s doing it.

    The other issue, that I have unfortunately been unable to figure out is with the strange graphics clipping/warping whenever I use a crafting station. Like, it will either shoot you through walls quite a distance away or even drop you through the floor if you’re unlucky (which may result in your death… yeah.) I’ve found that crouching while looking up as far as possible while approaching the crafting station, will sometimes put me where I’m supposed to be at the station, or at least it won’t throw me through the world. This has varying success and is currently the biggest hassle with playing this game in Vorpx (I dread crafting/repairing anything because of this). This also happens with computer terminals, but luckily, if you use the crouching method, it normally works much more consistently than with the crafting stations, for whatever reason.

    Anyway, I hope this helps anyone else struggling with this game. This is a tough one to get running well, even on a capable PC like mine and I’ve conceded to using Z-normal for the FPS boost; it’s simply too slow with G3D and a decent resolution/settings (I’m using an overclocked 3080 with 12gb, for reference). It’s still an awesome experience though, once you get things tweaked to your liking.

    Good luck!

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