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    Hello guys, before i bought Vorpx i played much games via Virtual Desktop + Reshade with Superdepth 3D. Of course it wasnt really VR, it was just playing Games like the Cinema Mode from Vorpx :)
    But Psi ops worked with Superdepth with a very nice 3D Effect. It is an Direct X 8 Game and i tried already with DGVodoo and annother wrapper with Vorpx but it didnt work. So i tried some Profiles with the Havok 2004 Engine, which Psi Ops has.
    Also no success with Vorpx.

    My Question is, is there any magic trick, to play all Games (also Direct X8 Games), which also supports “Reshade” Superdepth 3D even with Z3D ? I mean when Superdepth 3D support 3D (maybe just Z3D), Vorpx should also be able to :)
    Because its my favorite Game and it would be a blast in VR :)

    Thanks in advance for your efforts :)


    vorpX has no native DX8 support, but it has a profile for the dgVoodoo2 wrapper. No guarantee that it will work, but for some DX8 games it does. If it works, this method provides full G3D.

    First you will have to download the dgVoodoo2 wrapper and isntall it by copying its DX8 DLL to your game folder.

    Then you can create a custom profile:

    1. Open the config app
    2. Go to the “Local Profiles” page
    3. Scroll down to the “dgVoodoo2” profile and make a copy of it.
    4. Assign your game’s main .exe to the new profile.

    If that generally works, you can then use vorpX’s shader authoring to deal with potential glitches if necessary. A short introduction to that can be found in the vorpX help.


    Just a heads-up that using vorpX with dgVoodoo2 may result in a black screen with the current vorpX release. Will be fixed with the next vorpX update 20.1.0 in a few days.


    Thanks for your Reply Ralf, very interesting,
    alright i will try it after the next update.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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