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    I purchased vorpx Feb 19th. I received my initial confirmation email from animation labs. I downloaded / installed vorpx and sent an email with my request code as described in the instructions.

    Shortly after I received an activation reminder email reminding me to send my request code, but I’ve since not received any other emails from vorpx.

    I had initially thought it might have been an issue as I sent my email from a different email address than my paypal is linked to, but included my order id# as proof of purchase.

    I’ve resent at least 3 emails from my origial paypal linked email address now with my request code and details, but have not received any reply at all.

    Now in signing up to this forum I discovered something very strange. I didn’t receive the confirmation / activation email from wordpress. I tried resetting my password, same thing no email. I waited a day and tried signing up again under another name, same thing no email. I then immediately after tried signing up using an old gmail address I rarely use anymore and it worked.

    So I’ve come to the conclusion that there is an issue between my email server and emails coming from vorpx. I’ve disabled all spam control, any geo blocking, filtering, etc and stil no luck. I’ve checked the logs and there are no logged attempts of incoming emails from vorpx, so I can only come to the conclusion that it’s being blocked / dropped by my ISP or an internet router somewhere.

    Long story short, can you please send me my activation code to my gmail address.
    [Personal data removed]

    You can cross reference this order id and reference code to my original activation request email I sent to confirm my payment. Please help. Or message me if you need to know the paypal associated email I purchased from (didn’t want to post that publicly)




    Hi Miles,

    Your key has been sent to your G-Mail address now. Let me know if it still did not reach you.



    I already sent you a message privately thanking you for helping sort this out, but I just wanted up update this forum post in case anyone was wondering. I’m all activated now and up and running.

    Thanks again!



    FYI – I have exactly the same issue as Miles – when I attempted to request the key from the email address linked with my PayPal, I got this back from your mail server:

    <register@vorpx.com>: host vorpx.com[] said: 550
    invalid DNS MX or A/AAAA resource record

    I’ve already created a separate post though to send it to my gmail address (which I’ve sent to your registrations email address) along with my original purchase email address for verification.


    This issue is caused by a misconfiguration of your webserver’s DNS records. Our e-mail provider is quite strict about that. To avoid further issues you should make sure that the DNS records mentioned in the error message are correct and standard conform.

    The key has been sent to your G-Mail address in the meantime. Let me know if it didn’t reach you.


    hi, same problem here I have sent the email with the code 3 times and have not received my activation code but I receive replies straight away from wordpress, can you help with this please? I would like to use my software that I paid 35 pounds for.

    thanks. ps, I’m also annoyed at the fact that Britain has left the EU but I was still charged for being part of the EU on top of that the vorpx config wont even start up when I click it??

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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