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    I purchased vorpx an hour ago but did not receive an email with the download link.


    Your order is marked as “failed” in the database of our payment service MyCommerce, hence they did not send you anything.

    You almost certainly were not charged for this failed attempt. If against all odds you were charged (you can verify that in your PayPal account), please send your PayPal receipt to support |at| vorpx com and we will clarify the matter.

    You can also contact support |at| vorpx com for a fallback purchase method which might work better for you.


    Sadly this happened to me too, I already sent two emails to support and nothing. In my paypal summary I can clearly see the software is paid for and nobody here helps.

    Surprised by such shady practices to be honest.

    I had to escalate and file a claim in paypal to get my money back. Let’s see if they respond to that.


    There is no purchase with the mail address you used to register here in the database of our e-commerce service MyCommerce, not even a failed one. If you used another mail address to purchase, please post that here, so we can check your order.

    If your order went through, you should not only have seen a download link on the last page of the order process, but also have received two e-mails from MyCommerce and an additional activation reminder from us shortly after. If you neither saw that link after ordering nor did receive any of these mails, your order probably did not go through.

    Since we do not handle sales ourselves, it’s probably best you contact MyCommerce directly. They are the only ones with access to the actual transaction data: http://www.mycommerce.com/customer-service.html.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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