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    I’m not sure which one to buy, I only plan on using it with Vorpx.
    Does anyone have both and can recommend which is better?


    if you want casual mobile VR games, just buy a quest, if you want PC-VR in high end quality, just buy a Reverb G2 Rev. 2 !


    surely the quest 2. has the best value for money, best tracking, complete compatibility, wireless, possibility to have all the games of all the stores.
    The hp g2 has a slightly higher resolution. evaluate the hp only if you are interested in driving and flight simulators and if you have a pc with at least one rtx 3080.


    Video benchmarking a few games with vorpx comparing both headsets:


    For vorpx only I’d recommend reverb. I have index and quest and its really hard to chose between resolution and quality – no matter what GPU you have quest even set on top quality with a cable will have the feel of compressed video – here and there there will be compression artifacts hidden in dark corners, some textures smeared into single color, overall image quality being a bit blurry even with sharpening.

    This especially matets if you try to play a heavy modern game using Z3d and compression eats small objects like rain or pixel thin bullets or whatever too.

    I do enjoy higher resolution of quest and compression isnt game breaking, but if index screens had quest resolution I wouldnt even think twice, but even with inferior pixels I chose index for number of games just to get sharper image and better 3d feel.

    Oh and more juice you try to squeeze out of quest more chances image quality will degrade even further, like if you set supersampling to best it can do and 120hz you wont just get a bit of stuttering in games, compression artifacts will become worse too.

    Considering HP device has higher resolution than index and you plan to only use vorpx I’d say there is no reason to chose quest apart from price or potential to play wireless.


    I have both and the G2 blows away the Q2 in image quality, its the pretty obvious choice for vorpx. I only use my Q2 for roomscale games like Blade & Sorcery.


    For Vorpx G2 for sure. Controllers and their tracking volume are terrible but it doesn’t matter here obviously while image quality and comfort are a lot better. Also no zuck.


    I’d agree with the general consensus here: if you want a headset mainly for vorpX, the Reverb G2 is a great choice.


    The hp reverb g2 is definitely better for the Vorpx program and other games.


    Reverb G2 (version 2) in VorpX is a great experience! I’ve just upgraded my aging Oculus CV1 after building a new PC a few months ago (GTX 3070Ti GPU… waiting list on a 3080 was too long), and the difference is pretty staggering. I’m running most of the games I’ve tried so far at ~4k desktop resolution and piping them into VorpX. The end result would be a resolution I’d visually describe as somewhat equivalent to sitting in front of a 1440p display running at 90hz… but on any size of screen you want, and in full 3D if you like. Pretty great! Also, the contrast is quite good for an LCD type panel, and there’s basically no God-rays, and certainly no screendoor effect (wow, CV1 – how did I live with you for so long?). Peripheral vision is… eh… passable. Reverb G2 has a pretty small sweet spot where it looks crystal clear in the middle, but then begins to blur and has chromatic aberration off-centre. So, you won’t want to roll your eyeballs around a lot inside the headset… better to move your head and look directly at the things you want to view. Also it’s pretty comfortable, even while I’m wearing glasses.

    Overall, G2 seems like an excellent fit for VorpX. I’m really looking forward to revisiting a lot of my PC gaming catalogue with this setup!


    Thanks for the honest reply.
    I was curious how the G2 and Pimax 8kx held up.

    I have the index

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