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    Ralf… perhaps it’s just me and that I didn’t notice it on my Quest 2 due to the smaller FOV, but on the Quest 3, I notice on the lower portion of the screen that I can see outside of the screen (grey beneath). It removes from the immersion a bit. I know it’s not uncommon in some other games (believe I experienced in in Eldsr Scrolls Online), but wondering if perhaps there’s a way of rectifying for Quest 3?


    Fulll VR mode still allows you to move screen further and closer to yourself, just move the screen closer if it bothers you, change resolution to square format to not lose pixel data


    Am I doing something wrong? I installed Vorpx VR for Cyberpunk and selected middle option for Quest 3 in Configure CyberpunkVR. My Quest 3 is connected through link, Oculus app is running and shows headset and controller as connected. When I run CP2077 I get a message

    No Oculus/Meta headset found. vorpX will not work correctly. If you have a Quest headset, make sure Quest Link is enabled on your Quest
    If you don’t have an Oculus/Meta headset, please select the right headset type in the vorpX config app.

    I’ll try the OpenXR, but this appropriate version doesn’t seem to work?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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