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    Hi, I would like to know what would be the correct FOV value as far as possible, for resolutions 5:4 and for 4:3 in general terms.

    I would like to configure a game manually that currently, is not directVR with my Samsung Odyssey.


    There is no general answer to this question unfortunately since different games use different ways to calculate the FOV. Some use a vertical FOV, some use a horizontal FOV based on the 4:3, others based on 16:9 or the actual aspect ratio and some use a totally different method, e.g. a percentage value etc.

    You can find actual numbers that are correct with default vorpX settings (image zoom at 1.0) for some of the more common methods in the vorpX help (‘Essential Hints’).


    I understand, the situation may differ completely from one case to another.

    After reading the essential notes, named 112 ° horizontically or 96 ° vertically,
    I think this is a good starting point, this text has been of great help to me.

    One last doubt more Ralf, on the improvement of additional FOV for 3D Geometry, that we have available within the internal menu Vorpx, has managed to save me several times with a small extra extra.

    Is there a way that when we increase our value slightly, the image does not become more blurred?
    can we compensate this in some other way?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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