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    I’m currently playing The Witcher (and it works practically perfectly, i’m very happy).

    Though, there are some little things that can be annoying. The worst offender is the subtitles and quest related messages, which seem to have the wrong depth and are practically unreadable (with one eye closed i can read, but slower, and it’s tiring :)

    Is it possible to fix this interface element without breaking something else (text messages inside the interface/menus are readable, strangely). And which setting would control this?


    If HUD interface objects have been assigned to the G3D HUD layer by the profile creator (usually always the case with official profiles), you should be able to control both size and depth of the interface.

    Open vorpX delete menu and arrow over to the image settings page. You should see 3 HUD related sliders below. Adjust depth as desired.

    I haven’t tried Witcher 1 myself, but see if this works for you.


    The problem is that in the Image Settings page i have only 4 enties, like brightness, sharpening etc, but no HUD related settings.

    Did you mean some other page? I looked in every page of the vorpX ingame menu, but couldn’t find anything.


    IIRC the shader used for the HUD is also used for other elements in the scene, so the the HUD couldn’t be separated from the 3D scene properly. It’s been a while since the profile was done though and there are additional heuristics options now, maybe there is way to do it now. I’ll check it again on occasion, but no promises.

    If you are playing in immersive screen/cinema mode, changing the ‘Focal Offset’ option carefully! (read: very carefully) may help. Doesn’t have to though and may break other things.

    The option is probably invisible per default, to see it enable ‘Expert Settings’ in the config app.


    Thanks Ralf! Focal Offset worked like a charm. I had to lower it until i reached -12 and the dialogue + quest messages + names/descriptions became readable outside of menus.

    Didn’t notice anything breaking (yet) after one hour of playing, and even had the feeling of enhanced 3D effect (but don’t quote me on that :-D ).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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