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    I noticed that MKXL has perfect geometry 3D and looks very good. I tried the same profile on injustice 2 though and it looks very flat and only has z-buffer 3d. I have heard Injustice 2 and the new Mortal Kombat 11 coming in april use UE4.

    My question: I have tried a few vorpx UE4 profile for injustice 2 and none of them seem to work. My question for ralph is.. do you think we might get support for Injustice 2 and MK11? I have to admit that MKX looks pretty badass in vorpx and I couldn’t even imagine MK11 because it looks like next-level graphics.

    Would be incredible with a camera mod like MKXL has. Is there any technical reason why Injustice 2 won’t work?


    If Wikipedia is right, the game is based not UE3 not UE4. Might be worth a shot to try a UE3 DX11 profile. There aren’t many of them, Bioshock Infinite would be a potential candidate.

    In general: there are many iterations of Unreal Engine, even within the same version. Especially larger studios tend to do a lot of custom programming, so not every game based on Unreal Engine behaves like the ‘pure’ Unreal Engine.

    I have Injustice/Injustice 2 in my Steam library. Will take a look at them after the next vorpX is out. Not really ideal VR candidates, but there is a distinct lack of ‘beat ’em up’ game profiles anyway. As always no promises though.


    Thanks a lot. That would be really great. I will look into this more, no luck with UE3 profiles either though (bioshock infinite). Only Z-buffer 3d. The thing I like about MKXL is I can force the larger 3d fov in your setting, and set the screen really close and it fills a very large portion of my vision. Works really well and perfect 3d.

    Side note, I was extremely impressed by harley quinn’s facial animations in Injustice 2. Would be cool to see it in geometry 3D as all of the cutscenes are realtime rendered.


    Edit: I had a side question but decided to make separate post for it as it’s long.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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