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    Hey everyone, i got a question im sure has been brought up before but i just havent been able to find a topic about it, not sure what wording they may have used to ask, so, please bear with me if im repeating something.

    So my most fun Vorpx experience was Dark Souls 3 in VR with a CheatEngine mod to play in First person view – this made locking onto enemies impossible cause the camera would shift like crazy cause it was a hack to get into first person (you could still see your weapon clearly and your arms as well, so was cool immersion factor there)

    Anyways, Dark Souls 3 for VR you basically HAD TO play a fast character that can kill without locking on, so what happened was, as i played, i was basically ‘aiming’ my sword swings with my actual head + joystick on controller to hit enemies. Aiming sword swings with the direction youre looking in can actually be quite satisfying :P lol

    Okay, so, head aiming is cool and i ‘get it’ as to how Vorpx makes this work, basically simulates our heads as a mouse with data via Oculus and then written to make our heads into the ‘mouse’.

    So my question comes down to something about Vorpx that i think could really send it over the top, but just not sure what the roadblocks would be to do it

    So our data is also being intercepted by our rift sensors + oculus touch controllers.. is there anyway to turn that data into ‘mouse control’ so that in a game like say, Kingdom Come, you are actually aiming your bow with your Oculus touch controller, like you would in a native Oculus game.

    I understand the most likely problem here will likely be that we cant be receiving that many mouse inputs and making it into a functioning product.. Youd have your head + joystick on touch control + aiming the controller at the screen all relegated to simply ‘mouse movement’. Im assuming thats the roadblock here to stop us from doing that.

    But what i wanted to offer as a middle ground is maybe a ‘toggle’ option to ‘disable’ our analog stick mouse actions and allow us to stand and ‘aim’ like an actual VR game, even in these older ones. Maybe have to toggle both head movement and joystick control to make it work, but if it was as simple as like clicking in a Grip Button on the controller, then it transfers all ‘mouse movement’ for that moment to your controller being aimed at the screen, like duck hunt or modern games, then release the grip as soon as you want full control back.

    I know running and gunning is fun but was wondering if there was any sort of workaround here cause like im playing kingdom come and i WISH i was able to point my touch controllers and aim at the enemies with my actual touch controller.. just didnt know if this was possible or not and wanted to bring it up.

    Thanks for all your hard work, Ralf and team, this product has been absolutely fantastic for me. I do not regret a dime i spent to get this program, so thank you very much for that… just wanted to offer a suggestion that im not sure is possible or not, but damn, if we could actually aim like native VR apps, it would be fantastic. Im not talking about moving gun models around and stuff and doing full conversions of the game, just letting us point our controller and shoot, since that data has to exist somewhere and maybe it could be transferred to mouse movement, or something else you crazy geniuses think of to do it :P

    Take care, and thanks again for VorpX, its been a real blast playing thru games with this

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