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    In my ongoing research to bring all my old games to stereoscopic VR, i encountered a big question. I personally find that some games like Skyrim (because of the atrocious graphics) are only playable with an ENB.

    Let’s forget for a moment the GPU requirements such a combination would bring. Since vorpX is an (?)injector and ENB is a DirectX injector, is there a way to use both at the same time? I know that ENB+SweetFX is possible, so maybe this works too?


    I have seen many people try and fail at this. I have yet to see any good examples of someone getting ENB working properly with VorpX. Let me know if you find anything.


    You should be able to use the ENB injector version that is available from the main ENB website. In general I wouldn’t really recommend that though. Some ENB effects like depth of field can cause a severe performance hit.


    After learning how to go the injector route to install ENB, I was able to get it to work with Skyrim. Some helpful vids on youtube that explain how to set it up. It does hit the performance harder this way, but at least it works.

    Generally Sweetfx is less performance hungry with games, but I’m not having luck using it with Vorpx. I’ve read that some can inject it through RadeonPro (witch is actually how I add sweetfx to my games normally), but I’ve had no luck getting Vorpx to agree with Radeonpro. Only if I disable API monitoring will Vorpx let me launch a game with Rpro. But doing that disables the sweetfx.

    So my question to anyone here is how they got RadeonPro and sweetfx to work with Vorpx. Cheers.


    @Ralf – Good to know. I think with stereo3D you don’t need the DOF effect anymore, so that’s one leistungsfresser weniger. :)

    – I’ll look on YT for details, thank you. I have nVidia, so i can’t help you w- SwFX. BTW – there’s ReShade (the new version of SweetFX), so maybe you’ll have better luck w- that?


    I can confirm that ENB injector works, someone had to, but alas only for the 32 bit Reshade. Does anyone have any ideas on how to inject the 64 bit Reshade into games like Fallout 4, GTA V etc, so it can also be used in combination with Vorpx, surely there has to be an injector which can handle 64bit dll’s? As i’d love to use Reshade AND Vorpx with all the latest games

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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