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    Today I added support for ‘Skyrim Mod Organizer’ managed ini-files to the new settings optimizer. The question is whether there maybe are more tools that also keep their own copies of Skyrim.ini/SkyrimPrefs.ini and thus should be considered when adjusting game settings.

    If you are aware of any others, please let me know. Thanks in advance.


    I’m not completely sure about the -ini files, but it’s a very good idea to prevent any kind of incompatibility and provide maximum compatibility with any of the programs or tools very useful for modding:
    Nexus Mod Manager, Wrye Bash, Tes5edit, Boss, Loot, Oblivion Mod Manager, memory fixes, Enb (at least version injectors) e.t.c.

    It’s hard to remember at this time, but I’m interested in going back to mod
    Skyrim/Oblivion/Fallout 3/Nv in the next update.


    You should definitely take the BethINI tool into account since it is now established and popular.


    It manages and optimizes INI files for the following games:

    Oblivion, Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4.

    If general support for that were added it would cover usage in all of these games, which would save trouble later. Perhaps people would be able to share ‘optimized for Vorpx’ ini files.

    Thanks for your work.


    I’m pretty sure only MO has it’s own copies of the ini files.

    I guess adding support for MO means optimizing a MO profile and not the game. If I have 2 or 3 MO profiles for VR I’ll need to optimize them all. Probably one by one or with checkboxes to select which profiles should be optimized and which should not be.


    I copied the Skyrim profile into a new VorpX profile using SKSE as the game EXE. Then I start the SKSE through MO2. All settings and mods load up as expected. I use the STEP:extended mod list with a few extra mods installed. Stioll in the process of swapping out the 4K mod for ones that are a little more VR friendly. Been too busy playing DCS and Elite Dangerous to finish setting up Skyrim.


    A VorpX profile for SKSE is never used, there is no point in creating one. The SKSE exe file is a launcher that simply starts the game and VorpX (and ENB if you use it) inject into the game’s process.

    If you are more curious about how SKSE works :
    ” skse_loader.exe actually launches Skyrim and then hooks the memory location for loading a main system library to load that original library and our skse library.”

    Since there is a confusion about Ralf’s question: VorpX config makes changes into the ini files of the game that are located in the default and usual location (in My Documents). However MO has it’s own actual copy of those files and the original, default ini files are not used at all. So if you play using MO running the VorpX config app will have no effect. You will need to manually copy/paste the content of the optimized ini files into the ini editor of MO. This is the complication that Ralf is fixing now and it only concerns MO.


    To keep things simple I use the default Bethesda profile path as the profile path that can be selected in MO paths setting. So the path changes (for me) from %BASE_DIR%/profiles to C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Skyrim


    HI ,
    i know its alittle late anyways…
    MO works fine out of the box there is actually no need for any implementation of vorpx. BTW one need to use the portable version to be installed. The profiles system does not work and u need to use a savegamemanger found on nexus. The ini files are found your MO2 profiles section. As well there is a default.ini in your skyrim folder. All the tools needed supposingly have to be started from within MO2. SKSE is handling the game .
    I do have a decent stable game using MO2 ….

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