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    I just tried the official HL2 VR support and it’s pretty bad compared to Quakespasm and the OR Demo.

    I was wondering what people say about how VorpX handles it.

    If there was a simple trial I could probably make the decision for myself, or I could fork over the money to beta test vorpx, but here is hoping someone will share first hand experiences if at all possible. ( I don’t know if beta testers had to sign an NDA or something…).

    With the official support the game is a little slow. My mouse cursor was feeling delayed. Even with no acceleration.

    The menus were almost not readable except for the options menu because it was centered.

    The game world had tons of strange flickering going on that I don’t even know how to describe. Lots of things were blurry.

    The official HL2 support only supports 1200×800 but in Quakespasm I was playing on 1600×900 fine and it looked much better than 1200×800. Maybe that’s why it looks so blurry in HL2? Can VorpX play HL2 in 1600×900?

    That’s all I can think of for now. I’ve heard a lot about vorpx that can allow to look at corners of the screen.


    Oops I must have done something wrong then because I tried it again and there was no lag/slowness at all this time. Hmm.

    Anyway, I still wanted to hurl after I got to the race to the roof part!


    I found that vorpX was better than the native “-vr” launch option. Head tracking and game pad integration was more like what I would expect to happen ‘in game’ so considerably less feeling of motion sickness that you can get from VR.


    I disabled the -VR and will run only in VorpX mode for any game. The setup is easier, the in-game screens usually render off the rounded edges so you can’t see things like ammo count or minimaps. With VorpX, you can click your middle mouse button and unlock the head tracking from the cursor to a screen scroller so you can look down and left and instead of the screen showing the middle of your classic game (with the crosshairs in the middle of your “eyes”) you would see the bottom left corner of the actual square traditional screen.

    Basically, the Rift display options take the sqaure screen and wrap it around a ball with the edges usually on the back half of the ball. They also do some tricks to make the left eye picture offset from the right eye so that you get the 3D effect. With VorpX, you can rotate the ball so that the part of the screen that was on the backside is now visible. Very handy for menus.

    I also enjoy the screen that pops up when you hit DEL. Makes changing some settings very quick and easy, including disabling VR altogether (I clone the output to my 55″ TV just in front of my Rift and turning off the VR helps with seeing normally on that screen) and then can quickly turn it back on, so switching from Rift to traditional displays is super easy thanks to that menu.


    Quite sometime experiencing lags and freezes, perhaps it is not because of the game but my graphic card issue. Using incompatible graphical bit rate.

    “works at

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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