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    hello Ralf,

    about one week ago i noticed that i was able to “overwrite” official game profiles with my own profiles, in my case shadow of the tomb raider, for that game, i’d prefer to play it in Z3D mode, for performance reason, and because for that game Z3D looks amazing.

    today, i tried to launch shadow of the tomb raider and noticed my custom profile was not working, i tried to create another profile and got prompted with “game is already assigned to a profile” which didnt happen a week ago.

    so my question is, why was i able to “overwrite” official profiles a week ago and not able to do this anymore ? ^^


    If you could do that before, you encountered a bug. Official profiles for a number of reasons can not be overwritten. I understand that as a long time user you may consider that an unnecessary restriction. As a workaround you might be able to rename the game’s .exe and create a new profile that uses the renamed .exe. Doesn’t work for every game though.


    wish i could reproduce that bug then :/
    dont get me wrong, i’ll be more than happy to play shadow of the tomb raider with sbs 3D with the official profile, but i have to reduce my graphics too much to have a good perf, however in Z3D i can almost crank all graphics too maximum and the 3D is pretty good.

    i tried renaming the exe, doesnt work, still launch official profile.

    thank you for the answer Ralf tho :)


    I got quest via desktop working,quest via pc link and wmr all booting up rdr2 and hook vorpx with default game settings too but all have no 3d view.Can you put me in the right direction ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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