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    So, my gamepad right joystick can’t go up or down. Is Vorpx doing this by default? Can i re-activate these functions for the right joystick?

    Also, is there a hotkey for temporary disabling the head tracking mouse? When i use edgepeek, i don’t want the mouse to move around while i’m moving my head.


    Warning: technical explanations ahead. If you consider them illogical or plain stupid, you have to take my word for it. :)


    The right stick’s y-axis sensitivity is reduced on purpose and I would highly suggest to leave it that way. This is done to make inadvertantly changing the vertical view center harder. Practically no native VR app allows you to rotate your view vertically with controllers. Reducing the gamepad’s y-axis sensitivity simulates how most native VR games work in that regard.

    If you still want to change the sensitivity for some reason, you can do so on the ‘Input’ page of the vorpX menu. Depending on whether vorpX has to emulate mouse/kb with the gamepad for a game or not, you can do so either directly on the Input page (without gamepad override) or in the regular sensitivity options (with gamepad override active).

    BTW: If you encounter a game where the gamepad override is active per default, please leave it that way. This option is never activated just for fun. It is always necessary for one or the other reason if it is enabled per default.

    Edge Peek:

    With mouse based head rotation vorpX has to apply head tracking while in EdgePeek mode to ensure the game camera is still rotated correctly after leaving EdgePeek. Theoretically it should be possible to just ‘record’ head movement and then apply the difference from before EdgePeek later, but that never worked reliably enough to be ready for prime time. Might come some day, but the list of nice-to-have-stuff is long, so no promises.


    Thank you for the details response!

    Some games that i play need to use the right joystick for choosing guns, dialog, options, … like the new Doom 2016. Also, I’m mainly playing in DirectVR mode so the view got drifted up or down quite often so i need to readjust it.

    When in directVR, i use edge peek for working with game menu. And i mostly use my left joystick for it instead of the head mouse. So it get annoying sometimes.

    Gotta say, 40$ was a tough price for me at first. But the program is great (one eye blind so i don’t need 3d) and the support has been phenomenon. That 40$ was a great investment.

    Here to making that 40$ worth even more with each update!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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