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    Hi, I’ve gone to the update thread but I’m not sure I fully understand a few things.
    a. I own VorpX, do I need to run it at all after installing the mod? Or is it completely standalone?
    b. Does the installer tweak video settings? Is there a backup of my settings like there is with the regular vorpx? If not, what settings should I targer.
    c. Do I need to uninstall the mod to play Cyberpunk in 2d again?

    Thanks for the clarification. If I missed a page that explains all of this, apologies and please point me to it.


    It’s entirely standalone. vorpX should be paused or exited while using the mod. The next vorpX will include the mod functionality.

    The mod tweaks a few setiings, you can simply restore them in game options. The usual vorpX restore option is not included since that’s part of the vorpX config app.

    To temporarily disable the mod without uninstalling it move vpxC2077.asi from [CP2077]\bin\x64\plugins to your desktop.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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