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    I’m very close to ordering a HTC Vive, after i researched for weeks what system i want to support. Since playing the classic games in stereo3D is one of my main goals i want to ask two questions:

    1) Vive support is new in VorpX. Is there less features than in the Rift support, or are they equal? Will i have a disadvantage w- VorpX if i buy a Vive?

    2) Generally: If i would run a supported game in stereo3D, are there any tradeoffs like worse graphics (missing reflexions or no ambient occlusion etc)?


    Note: in 2) above, i meant tradeoffs in comparison to the original game when it is played on a 2D monitor.

    (does this forum not have an edit function?)


    There are definitely tradeoffs. Depending on the game and scene, reflections, shadows etc. And also much lower perceived resolution. It is worth it though, it looks amazing. I would go in with the expectations that it is far from perfect but that it is well worth it.


    AFAIU, there’s different render modes. Are there missing graphics features in all of the modes?


    Vive support is on par with Oculus feature wise except for the currently not correctly working mirror window to display the headset output on the main monitor. That doesn’t matter for normal gaming though.

    Whether there are trade offs depends on the game. In some games there are none either because they just work or vorpX can fix the underlying issues, in others you might experience glitches that you may also know from other stereo drivers like nVidia 3D Vision.


    Thank you, Keymaster :)
    Sounds good. I’ll see what games interest me most ATM and look for reports here and elsewhere. Since you say that both HMDs work the same w- VorpX, reports from Oculus users should be relevant too (still not much Vive reports out there).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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